Friday, 6 April 2007

5th April - More Progress

Phoebe was back at the vets again yesterday. Her PCV has risen 1% since Monday to 36%. Our vet has decided to drop Phoebe's Prednisolene dosage down to 13mg/day (She weighs 13kg). Phoebe will stay on 50mg/day of Cyclosporin for the next couple of weeks along with Antepsin 2g (3 per day) and Zantac Suspension 150 mg (twice daily). I guess this will be the telling time, hopefully she will continue to increase or at least hold her red-blood cell count where it is presently. The medium-term aim is hopefully to have the lowest possible maintenance dose of Prednisolene and give it to Phoebe alternate days to give her kidneys and liver some rest bite. Phoebe seems to be doing really well, she has a fair bit of energy. However she is still snoozing a lot. I am still limiting her exercise to a brief walk into the garden, though I am hoping that it will not be long before I can start taking her for short walks as I am sure she is getting a bit bored with the garden!

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