Sunday, 25 February 2007

20th February - A day at the Vets

Phoebe was still very sick but was back at the Vets first thing the morning. Phoebe was still very sick. The vet informed me that they had not got the blood test results back but from a sample he had tested she was seriously anaemic with a red-blood cell count of around 9%. Phoebe needed a blood transfusion right away.
I had to leave her at the vets and thankfully one of the staff had brought her dog into the practice to donate blood. Without this transfusion Phoebe would have died.
It was a long and worrying day, the vet phoned me at lunchtime to let me know that Phoebe seemed to have responded to the treatment and was a bit more lively than she had been. However the blood results were not in yet, so there was still no diagnosis.
At about 1600hrs the vet phoned me to inform me that the blood results were in, so I made my way to the surgery.
On arrival the vet informed me that the blood results indicated that Phoebe had has Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia. The vet gave her a strong injection of steroids and asked me to bring her back the following morning.
As soon as I saw Phoebe, I was amazed how much better she looked. Phoebe was wagging her tail and hand had a spring in her step. I realised this could only be temporary, but even so it was nice to see here with at least some energy again.
The vet gave Phoebe another steroid injection and asked me to bring her back again the following morning.
Once home I was able to search the Internet to find some information on this illness. I found the following links really useful:

I also found this support group:
I applied to join this group, and would later find it invaluable.

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