Sunday, 25 February 2007

22nd February - 25th February - At home

Phoebe has been fairly stable through this time. Although she still is only running on c30% normal energy and still has no colour in her gumbs. I find myself worrying about everything she does.
Phoebe has got her appetite back to some extent, but is drinking c8x her usual fluid intake (this can be a side effect of the drugs she is taking). Phoebe seems very clingy, following me where every I go in the house whe she is awake. She is spending a lot of time sleeping though.
I find myself worrying about her contantly, it would be nice to see some physical progress.
I was approved for member ship of the CIMDAsupport email group and promptly posted to the group. The group has been amazingly helpful and informative, this gives me some hope for Phoebe's future.
We will be back at the vets tomorrow, so hopefully we will get a better idea of Phoebe's progress and prognosis.

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