Tuesday, 13 March 2007

13th March - Phoebe's Home!

We picked Phoebe up this morning, she seemed very bright and was very excited to see us! Her PCV is still at around the 21% mark.

Phoebe is the brightest she has been since becoming ill. However since coming home she has been a lot quieter and has been sick three times and also has diarrhea. I am sure I am being paranoid now, but after feeling initially positive about her progress I am now very worried again. I just called the vet that has been looking after Phoebe at the Edinburgh Royal Dick and he suggested that I laid off feeding her until tomorrow to allow her stomach to settle again. Phoebe has been through a fair bit this past week and a 3 hour car journey has probably not helped her stomach! If Phoebe is still being sick tomorrow morning I will take her to her vet for piece of mind.

I feel I have been very lucky with both my local vet and the vet who looked after Phoebe at the hospital, they have both been very helpful and caring, always happy to speak to me if I have anything I am worried about.

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