Monday, 19 March 2007

19th March

Phoebe had another blood test today and her PCV has dropped to 16%. This is really not the news I was hoping for today. I was expecting it to have dropped slightly as I felt she had less energy this morning, but I had not anticipated such a reduction.
The vet suggested that Phoebe's antibodies may be reacting to the transfused blood that is still in her system, so the dramatic drop in her PCV may not be as bad as it sounds. Her blood results from last Thursday showed that she is producing new red blood cells, but at a very slow rate. Phoebe is back at the vets tomorrow morning for another blood test.The vet is considering using some alternative immuno-suppressant drugs and a series of injections to help stimulate the bone marrow to produce new blood cells.

Sorry this post is not as up-beat as my last, but I am very worried about Phoebe.

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