Friday, 9 March 2007

9th March

I am glad we gave the go ahead for another blood transfusion. The vet was very worried about Phoebe this morning as she seemed very low. Today she has had her second blood transfusion which has been successful (PCV is up to 19%). A bone-marrow biopsy was carried out on Phoebe this afternoon and the results did not identify and growths. The bone marrow did not show any real new red-blood cell growth. So sort of good news and not so good news. We still do not know what is causing the IMHA. They are keeping Phoebe in over the weekend and monitoring her PCV level, she will have another full blood analyses on Monday. The big hope is that the blood transfusion will help in giving the bone marrow a chance to start creating new cells. I really hope she shows signs of recovery soon as we are beginning to run out of options.

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