Friday, 2 March 2007

2nd March - At the vets again.

Phoebe was at the vets first thing this morning. Her PCV test showed a count of 12% , this is a worrying decrease from the last test. The vet prescribed the same dosage of Pred (25mg/day) and another 25mg/day of Azathioprine. Phoebe will be back at the vets on Monday to have a full blood analyses. There is some concern that the IMHA may be caused by a bone barrow problem. If Phoebe does not respond to treatment there may not be much that can be done for her. I am very worried.
Phoebe is still drinking lots, but she still has a fairly strong appetite. She seems to have about the same energy levels as yesterday. I really hope she starts to respond to treatment soon, it would be great to see her getting back to her normal self.

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